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What is Prayer

Prayer is actually talking to God in your heart and listening to Him, He gives His love and we respond in faith.

Please Pray for All



New Zealand

Please Pray for Roger

Who was involved in a head on car crash, sustained 22 broken bones and broken neck in his body.  He is now out of critical condition but will be in hospital for a very long time.

He has three children and four grandchildren.




Reagan has asked for us to Pray for:

A week old baby, in Hospital was on Life Support. She trying to breathe on her own has enzyme missing which is causing her health problems



Please Pray For The following:

Tabitha Age 12

Brandon & Michelle:

Donald, Shannon and Family:

Rosco Slaven.



Please pray for Gloria who lost her vehicle due to flood waters. Gloria also had leave her home, to stay with someone to be close, to walk to work.



Please pray for our Brother Kevin who will be going to hospital in September to have his leg removed.



Please Pray for Claude and Evelyn who have lost their home in the Nashville Flooding



Please pray for Sister Jackie who is going through a difficult time and needs extra prayer



Please pray for Eric who has lost his job due to an unfair dismissal.



Please pray for Barbara who is having a tough time with her health and finding it very hard to breathe.